hi i'm sophie.

accidentally in love with
zayn malik and trying to cope.

NOTE: i'm in college now and i love it so much so i'm not going to blog as frequently. love you babes.



Hey y’all.

I am currently having some money troubles. Since graduating college in June, I’ve been unable to secure employment. Out of the 35+ jobs, four temp agencies, and one training workshop I’ve applied for in the last three months, I’m only gotten one interview. I have now applied for Income Assistance, but that isn’t a sure thing. I’m also unable to receive a loan or credit card limit change from the bank because I have no steady income.

I need to be able to afford rent, medication, phone bill, high-quality cat food, and groceries, as well as pay off my credit card.

Since I’m in such trouble, I’m opening up embroidery commissions again. I am quite good, for someone who doesn’t do it professionally, and I take great pride in what I make. I have a store on etsy (as well as a tumblr) that is stocked with a few things already, some of which are available for customization.

I would ideally like to charge:

  • $10 for anything under 3”
  • $20-25 for anything 4” or 5”
  • $25-$35 for anything 6” or 7”
  • Plus shipping, which could be between $5 - $11.

These are open for negotiation. Please message me if you need to have a price readjusted.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Even if you can’t/don’t want to commission anything, signal boosting would mean a lot to me


look if we’re going to talk about this, the thing is, like. okay. liam payne’s origin story is SO IMPORTANT to zayn/liam as a ship and people who disregard it frankly BAFFLE me?? like. bb liam payne, in and out of the hospital all the time til he was, what, nine? with kidney problems. kind of small and adorably round-cheeked in some bb pictures and bullied SO BADLY, oh man, and this nonviolent nonconfrontational kid has to learn to box to defend himself and like — things get better but he gets sent home from the x-factor when he’s 14, struggles like hell with school, throws a 16th birthday party to which NOBODY COMES (my nightmare holy shit), like

and listen say what you will about liam payne but i think it is pretty undeniable that he is an extremely sweet and sentimental person with SO MUCH LOVE in his burly body and i just think about all the kids in his life who tried to crush that softness out of him (because children are terrible) 

and he comes back to the x-factor determined to PROVE HIMSELF as a solo artist but gets shoved into a group with four totally unknown boys instead like do they have his vocal training?? do they have his work ethic?? do they want this as much as he does?? is there any chance in the world they could learn to like him?? like 16-year-old liam just wanting people to be kind to!! AND THEN ZAYN.

idk bb zayn also bullied also kind of estranged from his peers beyond a very few friends but also like. the friends he has are so good to him?? his extended family is SO BIG and SO PRESENT with all these other kids too?? and in a lot of ways i think zayn is more self-sufficient than liam. zayn is a cat who can stare out the window pretending to hunt things for hours at a time, and liam is a puppy who has zero ability to entertain himself, he needs goofy company to be happy

anyway zayn who knows all about how to be quiet with somebody without leaving them all alone, who is gentle and nerdy and kind and silly and self-conscious, who isn’t worried if liam knows zayn likes him, who does care if liam likes him back, who thinks weird awkward giggly liam is the greatest and funniest person EVER, who bridges the seemingly incomprehensible divide between liam and louis when they’re not able to manage that themselves

and here we are four years later, liam puts on a spinny beanie hat and zayn laughs like that is the most amazing shit he has ever seen in his entire life, zayn hurts his hand and liam offers to kiss it better, zayn accepts the little gifts liam finds onstage and brings to him as tribute like roses and spider-man masks, liam skips literal circles around zayn because he is so happy zayn exists

like otp it or friendship it or do what you want but ziam is so important

What do I think love is?

Zayn performs onstage at Met Life Stadium on August 4, 2014 in New Jersey.


i hope in the future the social network fandom is like revered i want them to become tumblr elders that we all have to run big decisions by just this small group of crying old women that is in charge of everything because they survived the longest with the least source material

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